Choosing someone to look after your animal can be a very daunting task.

To help put your mind at ease, below, we have answered some of the main questions you probably have on your mind regarding who to choose. We will also try and offer some advice on how to research the pet care company you need and answer some of the top questions we get asked on a daily basis. 

Firstly, you should do your research, check out the potential pet care companies website and social media pages. Have a scan over their pages to check what services they currently offer, look at any photos of current walks or animals they care for and most importantly check for reviews or testimonials from previous clients.


Question - How do your consultations work?

Answer - A consultation must be done before any care is undertaken by Pretty Paws Pet Care. Our consultations are FREE and are conducted any time of week whenever the client is available. The location of the consultation is normally at your own home with the animal present. If the service being provided is home boarding then this will be done at our home so you can get used to and make sure you are happy with our home.

Question - Are all staff DBS checked?

Answer - All our staff have full DBS certificates. This is very important for us as we want you to feel as comfortable as possible with any member of our staff holding any keys to your property and letting ourselves into your homes whilst out at work or away. Any keys we hold cannot be traced back to owners and are kept extremely safe.

Question - Do you have holiday and sickness cover?

Answer - Pretty Paws Pet Care has 3 dedicated staff members working around the clock. We are extremely flexible and work to each individual clients requests. We will always provide holiday and sickness cover.

Question - How does cat sitting work?

Cat sitting is a fantastic way of keeping your cats in their home environment. Pretty Paws believes taking your cat out of its home whilst you are away can cause distress. So we come to you! Before our cat sitting visits commence, we will arrange a free consultation to discuss your little ones requirements. From this, we will create a package of visits and details of each visit too. There will be plenty of play, feeding and cleaning. 

Question - How many dogs do you walk at once?

Pretty Paws Pet Care is fully insured to walk as many dogs as we feel comfortable. We tend to keep it to a maximum of 4 per person. This does however completely depend on a number of factors such as size of dog, breed and behaviour. We take no risks with any dogs safety. A safe and fun walk will always be the aim.

Question - How long are your dog walks?  

Our dog walks are 1 hour long. We also do doggy day care full day and half day. Travel time to and from a walk is not included in the walk time so don't worry, your furry one will always get there walk time and exercise, so this may mean however your loved one can be with us for a longer period than your agreed time.